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Hello there, my name is Tracey. I am a Beauty Therapist, licensed skincare consultant and big skincare nerd. I am always learning, and love to share my knowledge and to help others achieve their goals. I am also someone just like you.

My lovely company, Parasol Factor represents the things that are important to me, and I know many of you also... being healthy, and achieving and maintaining a beautiful healthy skin. I set about creating products that I couldn’t find to help to make this process easier. Products that can also have a major impact on the health of our future skin. As an important by product, they help to instill feelings of confidence, well-being, and pride in our individual beauty. Quality offerings and not just hype.

I want this to be a place that you can visit and comfortably find yourself something excellent that I know will be a valuable asset in your healthy (skincare) life.

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SPF products

for sensitive skin

SPF problems are often difficult and super annoying. The good news is, that we at Parasol Factor, love solving your SPF beauty problems, especially for those of you who, like us, have a tendency toward sensitive skin.

Therefore, we are committed to researching the best ingredients and formulations to meet your needs.

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Next Level Skincare

passionately crafted with your goals in mind

Our products are thoughtfully formulated by experienced chemists with these goals in mind.

We solve those difficult SPF problems for you, so you can look and feel like your most confident self, every day. SPF beauty problems, be gone!

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Discover your sexy new backup of SPF essentials, that will save the day with a cherry on top. Your sun sensitive skin soon won't be able to live without them.

Get individualised skincare advice from experts!

Do you need help finding the right skincare products for your unique needs? Would you like a skin health bestie? We are invested in your beautiful skin quest for the long-term. To help you achieve your goals as your skin needs change. Our expert skincare consultations are here to help you get underway!

To start with, we will assess the condition of your skin, your concerns, your routine, and lifestyle factors, and make recommendations, to help you achieve your goals. We will also put together a whole routine for you, mindful of your needs, wants, values, and personality. You will be left with valuable information and a plan to move you forward.

Your goals and YOU are our priority!

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